Artist: Turtle

Medium: Acrylic on an old timber cupboard door

Size: 495mm x 1630mm x 21mm

Weight: 6.6kg


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Owl Pacino

  • 'Owl Pacino' is an original painting by dublu artist 'Turtle'

    By using the iconic image of Al Pacino shooting a machine gun from the movie 'Scarface' and the obvious use of the owl, Turtle was in his pun element with this one.

    Originaly just a black & white pen sketch and only intended to be a tshirt print for dublu, Turtle kept returning to the feeling that 'Owl Pacino' wasn't quite complete & had more to offer as an art piece, so, many years after he printed the original tshirts he came across the perfect canvas (an old cupboard door) in a recycled furniture store and realised with this it was now time to breath new life into 'Owl'.

    Complete with drilled out bullet holes 'Owl Pacino' is a great conversational piece not only for the deep thinker but for its comedic values as well.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.