Artist: Turtle

Medium: Acrylic on recycled timber pallet

Size: 1145mm x 965mm x 33mm

Weight: 14.7kg


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The Notorious One

  • 'The Notorious One' is an original painting by dublu artist 'Turtle'.

    In honor of one of the most creative, individual and entrepreneurial minds of our time Conor McGregor is someone Turtle has been hugely inspired by and had wanted to do a portrait of ever since he first stumbled across an interview of the captivating Irishman and saw that there was something very unique and special about the man.

    Depicted here seconds after his knockout win over Marcus Brimage in his first ever UFC appearance back in 2013 (pre chest tattoo) Conor has gone onto be one of the most talked about, polorizing and iconic personalities on the planet today.
    If you take the time to look further than main stream media’s depiction of him you will quickly find that The Notorious one is a very humble, very intelligent and very loyal man that expresses his creativity inside the octagon more like an artist than an athlete. He is a true testament to the saying 'hard work pays off' and has proven to us all that if you want something bad enough, anything is possible. 

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.